Gatchaman Crowds insight, Episode 04
Air date July 25, 2015
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2:6:2 is the fourth episode of Gatchaman Crowds insight.


Believing in her brand of justice, Tsubasa races to save a fading life with a strong wind at her back. Her rescue of Rui with Gelsadra is broadcast live nationwide, inspiring admiration for the new heroes among the people of Japan. As she strikes a blow to end the conflict, a new chapter begins..[1]

Plot Summary

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  • In Marketing, 2:6:2 is a theoretical workforce percentage ratio of a standard business. 20% of its workforce consists of high profile and high performance employees such as CEOs or management, 60% is the main workforce who perform their jobs admirably and 20% of the workforce is likely to fail to meet expectations. It also refers to a theory that in a group, 20% of humans will act intelligently, 60% will be average and 20% will do something stupid or foolish as a general rule. The latter applies very well with the Internet and how its social communities online can behave.
  • In the episode, it refers to the growing divide among the citizens of Tachikawa over their feelings about the CROWDS and the divide on issues concerning the G-crew's teamwork and ideologies.
  • In the final minutes of the episode, Gelsadra transformed into an adult version of her human form. This alludes to the original Gel Sadora from Gatchaman II, as she was a child who was aged into her form by Galactor. Another allusion to this is that her "adult" form is voiced by a male voice actor and has masculine attributes.


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