Episode 2
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Series Gatchaman Crowds
Original Air date July 18th, 2013
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Asymmetry is the second episode of Gatchaman Crowds. It first aired on July 18th, 2013.


Hajime annoys Sugane after she ends up interfering and allowing the MESS to escape. The next day, Hajime moves into a new apartment block where the other Gatchaman live. Later that day, Hajime teaches Sugane about a popular social app called GALAX, which allows users in the vicinity to help each other, and decides to take him to an offline meet-up. Later, as Hajime and Sugane are sent in to fight another MESS, Hajime chooses not to fight it but instead communicate with it, managing to befriend it. Meanwhile, as the mysterious figure causes another accident, someone named Rui revels in the success of the GALAX app whilst wielding their own NOTE.


  • After her transformation, Hajime briefly mimicked the pose of Sailor Moon.

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