In 2003, Sandy Frank made plans for a new version of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, with its beginning as Battle of the Planets: The Movie. Further development resulted it being titled The New Adventures of G-Force and changed again to Battle of the Planets: The New Exploits of G-Force. It was to use the 20 episodes of Gatchaman that they originally didn't get to utilize, as well as redubs of at least 32 other episodes, and akin to the original adaptation, feature new animation.

It was decided that the Vancouver-based Ocean Studios would handle the ADR production, as the original actors had either passed away or were considered too old to reprise their roles. One pilot was dubbed, which was an updated version of "The Sea Dragon".

However, Sandy Frank ultimately opted to not go ahead with the series, believing it would be too expensive to produce and not wanting to risk it flopping.

In the little that is known of this version, Keyop would have reverted to Jinpei's original origin of being an average kid, and the 7-Zark-7 segments would be done in CGI by JulesWorld Animation. There would also have been somewhat relaxed standards on violence and carnage.

All plans were replaced with the english version of the first 105 episodes from ADV Films. There is also a new version called Battle of the Planets: Phoenix Ninjas.


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