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For the antagonist from Gatchaman Crowds see Berg Katze (Crowds)

Berg Katse
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Bergu Katze


Berg Katse


Genetically modified Human


shape-changing mutant, shifts between being male or female at will


29 (series planning), 30 (compilation film)

Hair Color


Eye Color



Commander of Galactor Forces

Personal Status

Alive (Gatchaman episodes 1-105), Dead (Gatchaman episode 105)


Unnamed mother

Voice Actor

Mikio Terashima, Hiroko Mori (episode 31), Toshiko Sawada (episodes 32-33, 46, 70), Aiko Konoshima (episode 102) (as Female Commander), Kaneto Shiozawa (OVA), Ai Orikasa (female form, OVA), Yō Kitazawa (Tatsunoko Fight)

First Appearance
Anime Debut

Gatchaman Versus Turtle King

Berg Katse (ベルク・カッツェ) was the second-in-command officer of Galactor, working directly under the true leader, Sosai X and a major antagonist in Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. He appeared in every episode to carry out the plans of Galactor for world domination. He are later revealed to have been manipulated to join Galactor by X in order to become his pawn.


Berg Katse was created by the alien Sosai X to lead the terrorist organization Galactor to take over the world. He is a mutant entity created through the fusion of fraternal twins while they were still in the womb. Because his component parts were male and female, Berg Katse was prone to switch genders almost every year in his life, forcing him to hide his identity until he could control it in his adulthood, becoming a master of disguise as a result. This bizarre burden led to him to be easily recruited and manipulated by Sōsai X when he contacted Katse and convinced him that he was a superior being.

Katse being composed of two people also enabled him to bear an exceptionally high strength and IQ, although his intelligence was only displayed when he was a female student, as professors who taught his male form believed the boy to not be as intelligent. It can be assumed that his strength was likewise linked to their male form.


Berg Katse unmasked

Berg Katse's most recognized appearance consists of a purple bodysuit and matching mask with long, bat-like ears. He wears a long purple cape with a red interior, a black belt with a large shield-shaped buckle, and red boots and gloves. Katse also notably wears lipstick.

Throughout the series, Katse takes on many disguises, both of men and women, and can easily shed them off. His unmasked appearance is revealed in episode 102, confirming that he is the same person as the mysterious female Galactor commander. Katse appears noticeably effeminate and androgynous when unmasked, with long dark blond hair and grayish-blue eyes. These traits are also seen in the female commander.

In his female form, Katse goes through a few different appearances, either wearing their hair up in a bun or in a long flowing ponytail.


Katse's design was somewhat updated and altered for the OVA. Instead of eye lenses on his mask, Katse has a blue visor. The mask also has pointed extensions protruding off of it, and squared-off ears. He wears a violet and red bodysuit, beneath layers of a white overcoat and deep purple cape.

His unmasked appearance is also feminine, though his hair is a much lighter blond.


Berg Katse is very foul tempered and is known for his dark mood swings to the point of hysteria. He is incredibly loyal to Leader X, and commands the Galactor soldiers with brutality. Katse is known for being merciless and cowardly and always escapes capture, often leaving Galactor soldiers to die. Whenever he fails the mission, he panics because of the wrath from Sosai X.

In the OVA, Katse's personality is rather different, but no less sadistic. Unlike the original series, where he was quite flamboyant and, at times, silly and comical, the OVA gives him a more calm and cold personality, as well as being far less cowardly and more competent. He is also noticeably much less sympathetic in the OVA, where he is well aware that Sosai X plans on destroying the earth, and is willing to go as far as to sacrifice his own life to help Sosai X achieve his goals. This is a massive contrast to the original series, where Katse is being fooled by Sosai X into thinking that he is helping Katse become the new ruler of the earth, without knowing that Sosai actually plans on destroying the earth and views Katse as expendable, and after Sosai reveals to Katse that he had been using him all along and had no intention of helping him become the earth's new ruler, Katse breaks down and commits suicide in despair.

Abilities and Equipment


Berg Katse is a master of disguise, having been switching between a man and woman for most of his life. He is able to blend into environments of people, and can fool everyone (even the most advanced technology).


Berg Katse, as a result of having a pair of brains fused together, has an IQ of 280 or higher. This allows him to formulate complex plans that would normally take years of consideration for the average person. In the field, he can command plans on the fly even when he goes awry.


Berg Katse is a highly skilled fighter, able to fight against several enemies at once, even the whole Gatchaman team with all of their skills and equipment. This is due to the fact that, as with his intelligence, he has twice the muscle strength as a typical human before even taking into account any strength-bolstering methods he may have undergone.


Katse commands a flying saucer, a Devil Star hovercraft, where he commands their troops. He is capable of piloting it in a manner that not even the God Phoenix can pursue it.


Katse spent most of his life abducting, recruiting, torturing, and killing his rivals (as well as soldiers) for pleasure, out of loyalty (or fear) from Sōsai X, and to keep Galactor's intelligence classified. It is especially important that nobody knows the identity and nature of Berg Katse. Despite being so insecure, there were many times that he took pride in being a superior mutant.

In episode 67, Katse thought it strange to destroy The Mantle Project, which is something that he could use after conquering Earth. Sōsai X wanted Katse to talk about something else. Sōsai X said to himself that he has no intention for Katse to rule Earth.

Eventually, Katse learned that Sōsai X was only using him and that he had no more need for him or the Earth. He were promised conquest of Earth by Sōsai X many times. However, not even Sōsai X wanted Earth any more. Sōsai X, furious at the loss of his home planet Selectol, decided to destroy Earth. Blindsided, he committed suicide by jumping into a pit of magma, rather than continuing to live with the knowledge that he was just a powerless freak of nature.

Momemts before his suicide, Katse expressed that he wanted to live his life as two separate humans. He also cooperated with the Science Ninja Team by saying it is futile to stop the Black Hole operation since Katse trusted Sosai X and followed his orders. It was also impossible to avoid this, since Katse could not leave Galactor. Doing so would have resulted in rejection by everybody else as well as being executed by Sosai X.

In the OVA remake, he is fatally stabbed by Ken, but confidently warned that his death is irrelevant as Galactor is far from defeated.

Alterations in English Adaptations

Battle Of The Planets

Katse was renamed "Zoltar" in "Battle of the Planets" and was described as an alien overlord from the planet Spectra who wished to conquer the galaxy. Mark attempts to unmask him at one point, revealing a long mane of blond hair, but Zoltar manages to get away. Katse's female form was adapted into at least four different women: Zoltar's twin sister "Mala", a Spectra agent named "S-9", a Spectra agent named "Ms. Ostric", and yet another Spectra agent named "Hannah". This adaptation did not get to Episode 102, where the female commander and Katse are revealed to be one and the same. In addition, Gatchaman episode 88 was one of the earliest episodes that Sandy Frank had translated that involved the female commander, causing a massive rewrite to the plot to remove any possible hints or connection between "Hannah" and Zoltar. The episodes featuring "Mala" were among the last episodes to be dubbed, where the writers finally decided upon a familial connection. To hint upon her connection to Zoltar, Mala uses the surname "Latroz" as an alias.

G-Force: Guardians of Space

In "G-Force: Guardians of Space", Katse was renamed "Galactor" (which was previously only the name of the organization) and once more described as an alien being. The female commander's early appearances made it into this adaptation, although she explains that she's simply a follower of Galactor, and goes by aliases such as "Ms. Tompkins" or "Veronica". The early pitched version of "G-Force" had Katse renamed to be "Commander Zol".

Saban's "Eagle Riders"

Saban's "Eagle Riders" mentions Katse in passing early on as the alien invader "Lukan", and states that he was the father of Mallanox. However, this remains in question due to Saban's inconsistent dubbing practice and attempts at rewriting Mallanox's origin.

Harmony Gold Dub

The Harmony Gold dub of the OVA renamed Katse to "Solaris", and once more described them as an alien.

21st Century Dubs

The English Dubs that occurred in the 21st century restored their name to Berg Katse. The female version(s) are referred to as Madame X or Madame Rahl.

Voice Actors

Katse was originally voiced by Mikio Terashima in their male/base form, while their female form went through three voice actresses through the course of the series: Hiroko Mori in episode 31, Toshiko Sawada in their appearances in episodes 32-33, 46, and 70, and Aiko Konoshima in their final appearance in episode 102. A fourth actress, Shima Sakai, voiced Katse's "evil woman" disguise in episode 29.

The OVA had Katse's male form voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa, while Ai Orikasa voiced their female half.

In the game, Tatsunoko Fight, Yo Kitazawa voiced Katse.

English Adaptations

  • As "Zoltar", they were voiced by Keye Luke in "Battle of the Planets". Mala's voice actress is officially unstated, although some fans believe she was either voiced by Janet Waldo or Takayo Fischer, along with the separate characters of Agent S-9 and Ms. Ostric (Hannah never got to speak).
  • His actor in "G-Force" was Bill Capizzi, who voiced him with an electronic overlay effect used to alter his tone. Barbara Goodson provided the voice for the female Galactor commander. The actor in an earlier attempt at "G-Force" was John Ferguson.
  • He is voiced by R. Martin Klein in Harmony Gold's dub of the OVA. Klein had previously voiced Mallanox in "Eagle Riders". The actress for the female Solaris is unknown.
  • Edwin Neal voices Katse in ADV Films' dub of the series, as well as Sentai Filmworks' redub of the OVA series. The female Katse is voiced by Laurie Gallardo for the majority of ADV's dub (in episodes 31, 32, 33, 70, and 102), while voiced by Kira Vincent-Davis in episode 46. Claire Hamilton voices the female Katse in the redub of the OVA.


  • Berg Katse's name came from the german words for mountain (Berg) and cat (Katse) which can also be translated as wildcat or lion and alludes to their cat-like costume. Their name is also alternatively spelled "Berg Katze" due to this, and appears that way in Gatchaman Crowds.
  • Initial plans for the series had Katse as a woman working in disguise as a man, rather than being a gender-changing mutant. X was to also be a computer AI that she created that wound up becoming a monstrous entity, rather than her alien ruler.
  • The model sheets and planning notes also gave Katse's age as 29 years old, although this is never commented upon in the series. In the compilation movie, Katse is stated to be 30.
  • Katse's character notes state that he also likes to tame wild animals. Most of his titan-sized mechas are designed after animals, for example Mammothoon seen in a few episodes. Also his secret base in Pursue Katse is surrounded by wildlife. In episode 72, Swarm A Plague Of Mini Iron Beasts, Katse is seen breeding grasshoppers and incubating baby grasshoppers.
  • Katse's initial design was to have him wearing a green, lion-like costume. While this design was scrapped, it did get recycled for the Turtle King commander in episodes 1 and 2.
  • Katse's mutant ability to switch human shapes is similar to the mutant Mystique from X-Men. Both can change into male and female at will.
  • Katse's character shares a lot of similarities with Baron Ashura from Mazinger Z (which aired around the same time as Gatchaman). Both characters serve as henchmen to each series' big bad, both dress up in purple and black colored outfits, and both are a result of a male and a female being fused into one being through experimentation.
  • Katse's late voice actor in the OVA, Kaneto Shiozawa, was known for voicing other characters who were also feminine in appearance, had long hair and often wore lipstick, such characters include Merill "Benten" Yanagawa from Cyber City Oedo 808 and Rudolf Hagen from AIKa.