Berg Katse

Berg Katse was created by the alien Sosai X to lead the terrorist organisation Galactor to take over the world. He is a gestalt entity created through the fusion of fraternal twins while still in the womb. Because his component parts were male and female, Berg Katse was prone to switch sexes numerous times in his life, forcing him to hide his identity until he could control it in his adulthood, becoming a master of disguise as a result. This bizarre burden led to him to be easily recruited and manipulated by Sōsai X when he contacted Katse and convinced him that he was a superior being. Eventually, Katse learned that Sōsai X was only using him and has no more need for him or the Earth, he commits suicide rather than live with the knowledge that he was just a freak of nature. In the OVA remake, he is fatally stabbed by Ken. He is voiced by Mikio Terashima in the original series and Kaneto Shiozawa in the OVA. In English, he is voiced by Keye Luke in Battle of the Planets, Bill Capizzi in G-Force: Guardians of Space, R. Martin Klein in the OVA, and Edwin Neal in the ADV dub of the series. Kattse was also called Zoltar in Battle of the Planets, Galactor in G-Force and Lukan in Eagle Riders. In the English dub of the Gatchaman '94 OVA, he was called Solaris. In some English-language versions of the series, Katse's female form was identified as a separate figure, his sister.

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