Berg Katze (Crowds)
Berg Katse (Crowds)




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Berg Katse is the main antagonist of Gatchaman Crowds. A mysterious androgynous alien who causes chaos through his shapeshifting abilities and has brought about the destruction of several planets.


Berg is a tall, thin pale skinned humanoid with razor sharp teeth, a prehensile tail and long purple hair that covers his red eyes. He wears a blue suit and pants with black high heel shoes.
Berg's eye view

Berg's red eye revealed in Episode 7


He has a crazy personality and is always smiling even when he is trying to be serious


Berg had arrived on Earth to wreak havoc on humanity and eventually destroy the planet.

He is also responsible for giving Rui his power to control the CROWDS. It is revealed that he did this so he could control the CROWDS himself once he copied Rui's form in episode 8.



Berg's NOTE

Berg's NOTE

Berg Katse has the ability to shapeshift through direct physical contact with a person (usually by kissing) and an extendable prehensile tail that he uses as a whip. He can also teleport and manipulate machines remotely. Due to having possession of a NOTE, he can enhance his abilities by activating it. This allows him to extend his tail infinitely to bind, lash or impale his enemies and grants him new powers such as invisibility. His Gatchaman form is presumably so powerful, Pai Pai states that it could potentially defeat the G-Crew.


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