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Berg Katse (Crowds)




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Mamoru Miyano, David Wald (Sentai Filmworks dub)

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Berg Katze is the main antagonist of Gatchaman Crowds. It is a mysterious androgynous alien who has caused chaos through its shapeshifting abilities, and have brought about the destruction of several planets.


Berg Katze is a tall, thin pale skinned humanoid with razor sharp teeth, a prehensile tail and long, wavy dark pink hair that covers its solid red eyes. It wears a blue pantsuit with black high heel shoes.

Its tail is made up of a diamond pattern, which also exists as markings on their neck and feet. In addition, instead of pupils, the diamond pattern also appears on its eyes.


It has an unusual, wild personality and always smiles even when it is attempting to be serious. It also has an over-the-top manner of speech, where it draws out their dialogue.


Berg Katze had arrived on Earth to wreak havoc on humanity and eventually destroy the planet.

It is also responsible for giving Rui his power to control the CROWDS. It is revealed that Katze did this so that it could control the CROWDS after it copied Rui's form in the eighth episode.

In the DVD / Blu Ray exclusive director's cut episode, it is shown that Hajime fused with Katze using a kiss in order to stop it from causing any more trouble. It is still able to communicate with everyone else, however, and reveals itself to possess quite a sharp tongue.

(This was never explained in the broadcast version of the episode, as it was left incomplete due to Tatsunoko rushing the last two episodes and being unable to finish them on a deadline. Fans remained awfully confused and disappointed until they discovered the extra episode.)


There isn't much known about Berg Katze's history, but it was stated that he has killed off all of the inhabitants of a few planets (one of which was O.D.'s home planet).


Berg's NOTE

Berg's NOTE

Berg Katze has the ability to shapeshift through direct physical contact with a person (usually by kissing) and an extendable prehensile tail that it uses as a whip. It can also teleport and manipulate machines remotely. Due to having possession of a NOTE, it can enhance its abilities by activating it. This allows it to extend its tail infinitely to bind, lash, or impale its enemies and grants it new powers such as invisibility. Its Gatchaman form is presumably so powerful, and Paiman even states that it could potentially defeat the G-Crew.

In the twelfth episode, its suit was finally revealed in its battle against O.D. It uses a guitar-like weapon that somehow manages to pull out its opponent's inner fears as personified images of the opponent. It then stabs these images and it somehow causes severe damage to the enemy. It managed to damage O.D., but was eventually overpowered by him as the fight went on.


As Rui


  • The character is named after the commander of Galactor from the original 1972 series, although they bear significant difference in being an alien, as well as a former "Gatchaman". NTV and Tatsunoko's materials also spell their name as "BERG-KATZE" or "Berg Katze", while the original character often had the second part of his name spelled "Katse".

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