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The Bird Style also called the Bird Suit is a special uniform worn by the Science Ninja Team. Through the command of "Bird, Go!" on the G-Bracelet, an energy wave emits from the device which envelops the user and forms the suit. To deactivate it the user says "Bird, Out!", though this function is rarely used.


Ken Transforms

A video demonstration of the transformation process


All Bird Styles are designed after birds such as an Eagle or Condor. They all feature a belt with a G emblem on the buckle, special gloves and boots, and cloaks. They cover the body from head-to-toe (sans Jun's more revealing Bird Style) with the exception of the lower face. The helmets feature a clear visor that extend from the top.



The Bird Styles are resistant to hot and cold temperatures and are able to protect the wearer from bullets. However, while the bullets are unable to penetrate the suit, the shockwaves caused by firearms like machine guns can still affect the wearer.


By expanding the cloaks, the wearer is able to glide long distances, and with proper technique can outmaneuver obstacles.


The belts used by the team which carries most of their equipment like Joe's feather shurikens and Jun's bombs.

Space Variant

A spacesuit variation of the Bird Style is shown in Gatchaman II. While all five team members appear in them in the opening credits, Ken and Joe were the only characters to ever actually utilize these versions in the actual show.

Ninja Technique: Tornado Fighter

By utilizing the power of subspace within the G-Buckle to create an energy field, two or more wearers of the Bird Style can create a large towering whirlwind that can move at mach 5 speeds. The resulting tower can destroy the surrounding area.

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