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Episode 5
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Series Gatchaman Crowds
Original Air date August 8, 2013
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Collaboration is the fifth episode of Gatchaman Crowds. It first aired on August 8th, 2013.


As Hajime discusses with Sugane and Paiman about why the Gatchaman are so secretive, Rui speaks with one of his 'Hundred', Umeda, who has his own ideals that Crowds should be used to kill evil politicians and earn the credit, against Rui's vision of a selfless world. Meanwhile, as Hajime and the others join another GALAX offline meeting, they come across a tunnel where the ceiling is collapsed and begin to help the wounded. With the situation being too much for them alone, Rui reluctantly permits the use of Crowds to help evacuate the citizens. When a fire breaks out, Hajime makes the decision to activate her Gatchaman powers.

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