The Crescent Coral Reef is a secret joint International Science Organization and Interpol base used by the Science Ninja Team built by Dr. Kozaburo Nambu in wake of the increasing offensive measures of Galactor. It was used from episode 8 until episode 92 where it was destroyed by Galactor.

Appearance and Functions

The base's namesake is a large naturally crescent-shaped coral reef that covers the artificial island that provides cover from outsiders. It also has a fish hatchery and provides food for the fish. Inside the base is a high-tech facility used for housing an entire group of people for a long period of time. A supply and maintenance facility is included for repairs and emergencies. All updated information about The Mantle Project was stored at this base. There is also a dock to house the God Phoenix as well as Yellow Submarines. The base has a large propulsion system. While the base was never shown to have defensive weapons, it was used to manufacture Super Bird Missles.


The only thing survived is the reef itself. They partially ejected it, with it tearing off completely moments before the base sunk to the bottom of the ocean. The lower part of the base was obliterated to keep Galactor from retrieving it, as well as to fake the deaths of Nambu and the Science Ninja Team, and to fake the destruction of the God Phoenix.

There was no direct replacement for The Crescent Coral Reef until Gatchaman II's G Town. However, the next episode after the loss of the Crescent Coral Base (93, Counter Attack The Under Ground Torpedo Operation) is when the Science Ninja Team reclaims a transit hub that was previously seized by Galactor.

The other locations where they meet is in The God Phoenix, Snack Bar J, and any of Nambu's houses, as well as his offices at other International Science Organization facilities.

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