Mummified corpses keep being found. Since the damages continue, Nambu orders the Science Ninja Team to find out the cause of all this.

During a patrol, Joe saves a girl from a taxi which is being attacked by mannequin mechas. He takes her to the hospital. But Ken blames him for not contacting him from there and doesn't trust the girl.

Joe returns to the hospital and sees the girl running away from her hospital room. He also sees the nurse who has been assaulted. Joe follows the girl. The girl notices, and her face shows a slight smile.

Ken, who has received a message and comes to the hospital, brings back a piece of plastic from the bed the girl was in. There he receives a message from Joe, saying "the cemetery of the puppets" and then breaking off. Connecting the plastic piece to Joe's message, the Science Ninja Team searches for a mannequin dumping place. However, Jun and Ryu are also captured by Maya, the girl who controls the mannequins.

Through Ryu's Birdscramble, Ken and Jinpei sneak into the base and save the other three. Then they defeat the mannequins.

Maya was allowed to leave Galactor if she succeeded in terminating the Science Ninja Team. But Katse shoots Maya, who failed, and goes away saying that it is not possible to leave Galactor alive. The masks falls from Maya's face. She tells the Science Ninja Team about the self-destruction of the base and murmurs that she would have loved living under the sun, then she passes away.

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