Director Anderson (アンダーソン長官, andāson chōkan) is an executive at the International Science Organization, referred to as director and president. He holds this position in the first 105 episodes of Gatchaman as well as most of Gatchaman II. An attack by Galactor incapacitates him, forcing him to to retire. By Gatchaman Fighter, Doctor Nambu takes over, with Kamo taking over some of Nambu's Interpol jobs.

Role In The Science Ninja Team

Despite being leader of The International Science Organization, and rode on the God Phoenix, he knows very little about The Science Ninja Team. He has no direct authority over them either. He is always curious about the welfare of The Science Ninja Team and wants to officially meet them. However, he occasionally has more direct communication with them because Nambu secluded himself in order to crack the identity of Katse, and other times when Joe & Nambu disappeared.

Adaptations In English

Battle of the Planets, giving the Anderson name to Nambu, named Director Anderson as President Kane.

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