The condor machine G2 weapon
G-2 is a formula one styled race car piloted by Joe the Condor. In disguise, it is a 2000CC class stock car until it is transformed through the G-Bracelet.

It is referred to as "The Spacemobile" in "Battle of the Planets".


  • Engine: Gas turbine
  • Maximum Speed: 1000km/h


G-2 docks into the nose of the God Phoenix where it allows the giant aircraft to access the equipment hidden inside its nose. It is able to cross rough terrain including snowy mountains and is able to hover over water and in the air for short distances. It is also able to perform tricks like move on a wall. When fighting enemies, it usually just used hit and run tactics until episode 68 where it is equipped with a gatling gun.


The 1994 OVA featured a brief appearance of a redesigned version of the G-2. In civilian mode, it is a blue AC Shelby Cobra with white racing stripes. When the vehicle transforms using the G-Bracelet, it takes on a sleeker, more Batmobile-like appearance.

Batman is gonna sue somebody

G-2 (OVA Version)

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