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The G-3 mecha is a high performance motorcycle that can transform into a hover-cycle that can travel on water like a jetski or fly short distances. It is the main vehicle of Jun the Swan. It is housed in the left side of the God Phoenix.

The "Battle of the Planets" English adaptation refers to it as "The Galacticycle"


  • Maximum Land Speed: 700km/h
  • Maximum Water Speed: 200km/h


G-3 is capable of travel on land, hovering above seas, and moving through snowy terrain. After episode 68 it becomes armed with twin rocket launchers.


In the 1994 OVA, the G-3 mecha got a modernized redesign. In civilian mode, it is a yellow and red unspecified futuristic model of Harley Davidson with digital gauges and a remote start function. When transformed by the G-Bracelet, it becomes a monowheeled motorcycle that can transform into a flying hovercycle that can travel in the air and on water.

G-3 (OVA Version)