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GALAX is a popular social networking site and app that is used by the citizens of Tachikawa City in Gatchaman Crowds. It was created by Rui and is operated and managed by X.


Gamification: GALAX utilizes gamification, a concept in which video game mechanics such as achievements and points are applied to real world uses to make people more efficient and productive through positive reinforcement. This is shown in the series as Rui's method of trying to change the world for the better, often rewarding users with points for helping people and "updating the world".

Voice chat & Instant messaging: Users can communicate with each other via text messages in a virtual world with their avatars or voice chat.


Web video: GALAX features streaming video and web broadcasts of news reports.

Search engine data mining: X uses information on users and pairs them with the most compatible results when someone needs help or for emergency stiuations. (Ex. A young mother wanting legal advice on her noisy neighbor waking her baby, X contacted a lawyer who was sitting nearby.)

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It can also be used to search for information from the internet. All of it is activated by pressing an "X" button on a users smartphone screen and inputting a voice command, similar to Apple's Siri software in the real world.

Avatars: Users of GALAX interact online in a way similar to games like The Sims. Users can create and customize avatars with clothes that they design as well as decorate their virtual rooms.

Political Voting: In the second season, Tachikawa is about to hold its first election on the GALAX app. This is similar to how real world governments in some countries use social media as a campaign platform and vote electronically on issues and appointed officials

CROWDS App: Only a select few chosen by Rui called The Hundred had access to this feature. However, in episode 9, Berg Katse hijacked the GALAX network in Rui's form and gave it away to random strangers who formed the Neo Hundred, a group bent on destroying Japan's government and killing its politicians to bring about a new era.

The CROWDS App, once activated, creates a digital avatar of the users soul that manifests in the real world. If the avatar is destroyed, the user will experience pain and collapse into a comatose state.


  • GALAX users are called GALAXters. The term itself is a play on Galactor, the terrorist organization from the original series trilogy. It was also used as a word pun in one of the episodes when two girls were talking about GALAX and one of them misheard the name of the users as garakuta, a Japanese word for garbage. This pun was also used in the first episode of the original series by Jinpei.
  • The app itself could be based off of Line, a Japanese Social Messaging App.
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