Galactor's Giant Airshow
Gatchaman, Episode 07
Air date November 11, 1972
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Galactor's Giant Airshow is the seventh episode of Gatchaman.


Galactor has made a breakthrough in a seemingly indestructible metal.

Plot Summary

Dr. Nambu has designed and constructed a non-polluting aircraft which he asks Ken to test. While Ken is flying, he encounters an unidentified craft which attacks him. The craft then proceeds to destroy the airport using various whips. Everybody evacuated quickly. A masked man identified himself as Lord Katzenburg. The Science Ninja Team eventually discover Lord Katzenburg is another disguise used by Berg Katze, the person running Galactor. The Science Ninja Team launch The Godphoenix and chase Katzenburg.

Katzenburg toys with The Science Ninja Team every moment they try to pursue him. Joe fired the bird missiles which does not even scratch the enemy craft. Katzenburg uses a whip to slice The Godphoenix and The Science Ninja Team can't catch him.

Upon examining the damage of The Godphoenix Dr. Nambu realized that the weapon is made of "Whisker" which is a very strong supermetal. Whisker is over 1,000 times stronger than the strongest of any other supermetal that was being researched. Dr. Nambu also said that no scientist had any success with manufacturing Whisker. This gives Galactor a very dangerous advantage. The only option is to slow them down by finding their secret facility, steal the formula, and destroy the factory.

After three days of searching for undiscovered mines, The Godphoenix stumbles over Galactor's secret facility. They had been watching The Godphoenix and fired weapons at it. The Godphoenix is struck again and Ryu pretends to crash.

Ken and Jun go to the computer while Joe and Jinpei go to the reactor. Joe and Jinpei are ambushed by Katzenburg. They were watched the entire time. Katzenburg sends a mecha after Ken and Jun. They dodge the mecha with the Ninja Technique: Tornado Fighter which leads to the mecha accidentally destroys the computer. Jinpei teases Joe for being jealous of Ken's success before sabotaging the reactor. Ken and Jun's efforts are not flawless after all because Katzenburg cuts off their ladder of escape. They are still able to jump out before the reactor becomes critical. Katzenburg escapes the very moment Ken attacks him.

The Whisker melts and the heat causes the defense missiles to detonate, effectively finishing off the factory. Ryu is docked on top of the factory and cannot escape. Ken tells Ryu to forget about hovering up and decides to escape by thrusting forward instead. The Godphoenix escapes and Ken dumps Katzenburg's whip in the ocean.


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