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Galactor is a terrorist organization that served as the main antagonist group in Science Ninja Team Gatchaman and its sequels.


Galactor was founded by the enigmatic alien lifeform Sosai X having used a mafia group and remodeling it into a full-fledged terrorist group that Earth defenses were powerless against. Through their advanced technology and manpower, they strove to control planet Earth and its natural resources. It was not until ISO had deployed the Science Ninja Team that their plans of conquest or annihilation of Earth were delayed or thwarted.


Galactor had some of the most advanced technology on Earth, having been supplied by Sosai X, able to create giant mechas that can comfortly keep an entire group of soldiers.



Alterations in English Adaptations

"Battle of the Planets" had the Galactor organization changed to being a terrorist force from another planet named "Spectra", with X referred to as "The Great Spirit" and being their leader. It is stated that the Spectrans want to conquer other planets in order to replenish their own dying resources. Katse is referred to as "Zoltar", while the female commander of Galactor (later revealed to be Katse's female form) was adapted into four separate characters, one of them identified as Zoltar's sister named "Mala".

"G-Force: Guardians of Space" has Berg Katse named "Galactor" and stated to be an alien wishing to conquer Earth, with X relegated to being his assistant and an articifial intelligence named "Computor".

"Eagle Riders" had the Galactor organization referred to as "The Vorak", a race of alien androids from outer space who have tried to conquer Earth. X was renamed "Cybercon". The claims that the soldiers were only androids allowed their deaths to bypass the censors.

Gel Sadora was renamed "Mallanox", while Count Egobossler was rewritten to be the second form of Mallanox and also renamed "Happy Boy". Any references to Berg Katse from the original series had him renamed "Lukan", and at one point it is claimed that he is Mallanox's father.