Episode 11
Series Gatchaman Crowds
Original Air date September 20, 2013
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Gamification is the eleventh episode of Gatchaman Crowds. It first aired on September 20th, 2013.


The episode begins with each member of the G-crew reflecting on how Hajime has changed their lives. (In the form of a clipshow recap)

The second half of the episode deals with the team fighting the rouge CROWDS as well as relaying evacuation orders of Tachikawa via GALAX. Earlier, Hajime convinced the Prime Minister to speak with the people on Gatchannel about using GALAX and handing out free smartphones to citizens to coordinate with police, recuse crews and firefighters on the evacuation on the social site. After regaining control of X, Rui asks him to assist in the evacuation procedures.

When Berg gets locked out of the system, he plots the end of Tachikawa by digitally hijacking the webcast of the Prime Minister's evacuation speech. He impersonates him and convinces the citizens to use the power of the CROWDS to protect their city, in a ploy to get them to kill each other. Rui watches in horror as thousands of CROWDS start appearing in the city, ready for battle.

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