Gatchaman Fighter aka Gatchaman F (科学忍者隊ガッチャマンF(ファイター) (Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman Faitā) is the third and final installment of the original Gatchaman series, which aired in 1979 and lasted 48 episodes. The story picks up where Gatchaman II left off, and takes a dark turn during the final episodes. A notable part of this series is the mecha lacking the bird motif of the previous two series, as well as an overall improvement in the animation and music quality.

After years of never seeing any kind of Region 1 release, Sentai Filmworks bought the rights to the final entry of the original series and released it on DVD on July 04, 2017.

Episode List

  1. New Dark Clouds
  2. Debut! Gatcha Spartan!
  3. A Tainted Oasis
  4. The Challenge of the Iron Commandos
  5. Charge! The Terrible Soldiers
  6. Burn! Gatchaman Fencer!
  7. Steal the Giant Iron Beast
  8. The Desperate Outlaw Squad
  9. Fear of the extinction Ray Gun
  10. Danger! Gatchaman Base
  11. The Saturn Limited Express Z-Press
  12. The Order to Destroy the Mantle Base
  13. Violence?! The Decisive Battle of Agrika
  14. Destruction by Fire! Egobossler's Palace
  15. Hell's Burning Ambition
  16. A Deadly Butterfly Dances in the Dark
  17. Horror of the Evil Smoke City
  18. The Spectacular Crash of G-1
  19. Don't Touch the Super Stuff
  20. Appearance! Terror of the Triple Iron Beast
  21. Angry Joe! Fright of the Flaming Bird
  22. Order to Blast the Satellite
  23. The Evil of Mechaland
  24. A Warriors Pride
  25. Sky Riders from Hell
  26. G-1 Enraged! A New Way to Kill
  27. The Mystery of Egobossler's Birth
  28. Desperate Fight! Valley of Betrayal
  29. Cruelty! The Seperation of Brother and Sister
  30. The Creeping Alien
  31. Runaway! The Great Train Chase
  32. Mystery of the Space Pulse
  33. A Promise Kept
  34. Egobossler's Strategy
  35. The Shadow of Death Approaches G-1
  36. Hypershoot Crisis
  37. Revive Gatchaman
  38. Bracelet of Friendship
  39. Downfall! Count Egobossler
  40. Suprise Attack of the Mecha Watersprout
  41. Collapse! Gatchaman Base
  42. The Death of Chief Nambu
  43. The Destruction of Gallatown
  44. The Space Devil Draws Near
  45. Threat of the Antimatter Planet
  46. G-1 Desperate for High Power
  47. Earth Extinction! 3 2 1
  48. Gatchaman Eternal


This series was also utilized for Saban Entertainment's Eagle Riders, although most of the final episodes were not adapted, save for bits of their footage being spliced into other earlier stories. The furthest episode used in its entirety was Fighter #40, while Fighter #15 was adapted and aired as the series finale.


  • The original working title for the series was "Burning Gatchaman", and the Gatchaspartan was to initially be named the "United Phoenix Fortress". Due to Popy (the toy company that sponsored the series) not approving of the mecha design, it was reworked into the "Phoenix Victory" and then renamed to the Gatchaspartan.
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