Gel Sadora



3 years old (originally)
Late 20s (artificially aged by Sosai X)

Hair Color



Galactor Commander

Personal Status

Deceased (Killed by Sosai X)


Sylvie Pandora (Mother)

First Appearance
Anime Debut

Sosai X's Counterattack

Gel Sadora was the commander of Galactor during the events of Gatchaman II.




Originally the daughter of Dr. Sylvie Pandora, Sammie Pandora, she was separated from her mother after their ship the Queen Margareth was sunk by a meteor. She was then abducted by Sosai X and mutated and aged into an adult, brainwashed by him into being his loyal servant.

Alterations in English Adaptations

Gel Sadra was renamed "Mallanox" in Saban's "Eagle Riders", and underwent a series of confusing rewrites in the process. Mallanox was initially stated to have been created by scratch by Cybercon, and was also referred to as a man. However, sometime later in the series, Mallanox was then stated to be the son of Lukan, an alien that had previously tried to conquer Earth. Mallanox also claims "My father was an alien and my mother was Irish" in a quip in one episode.

However, later in the dub, Mallanox is then revealed to actually be the daughter of Dr. Francine Aikens and her husband Herb. It is said that Nancy was kidnapped by Cybercon when he attacked a ship, and that he forcibly aged her and made her believe that she was a man for her own protection. When in her unmasked state, Mallanox speaks in a woman's voice, but continues to speak in a masculine voice when in costume.

After being attacked by Cybercon towards the end of the first half of the series, Mallanox expresses regret for wanting to destroy the Earth and swears to do better. Rather than dying and hearing her mother's voice, the voice she hears is changed to Cybercon punishing her for her failure and telling her that he'll transform her into a new form: "Happy Boy". Mallanox's body then appears to dissolve into light, and the scenes of Gel Sadra shrinking and reverting to her child form were excised.


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