Henjinman was a professor of cybernetics as well as a fanatic of horses.

Role In Mission

While Nambu was a freshman student at a university, Henjinman was a senior student. Henjinman's main study is in cybernetics. He also loved horses. As scientists, Nambu and Henjinman were very reclusive at times. After Henjinman graduated, Henjinman disappeared until his new invention was completed. Nambu became alarmed and ordered The Science Ninja Team to rescue Henjinman as well as Henjinman's cybernetic horses from Galactor.

Nambu had declared Henjinman to be harmless, but did not know that Henjinman became greedy and capable of world domination.

When Henjinman was abducted by Galactor, he did not fear them. He immediately negotiated with them after being officially introduced to Leader X. Leader X was desperate for cybernetics, and needed a scientist. They offered to pay him personally as well as all his research expenses. Henjinman immediately saw leader X, while large and intimidating, as nothing more than a pencil that can not achieve conquest without the assistance of people such as Katse and Henjinman. Professor Henjinman rises in power, beginning with thwarting Katse, and is halfway into thwarting Leader X.

Unfortunately, Henjinman became overconfident. When he tried to take the mask off of Leader X, Katse pushed the button instead which revealed that the portal that Leader X communicates with cannot be seen with the naked eye. With the filter removed, and Hinjenman looking directly into the bright portal, Henjinman was blinded. Despite being rescued by The Science Ninja Team, he became lethargic and died.

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