Hurricane Polymar is a superhero from a 1974 anime series of the same name.


Takeshi Yoroi, an assistant and handyman for Kuruma Private Investigations, is secretly the kung-fu shapeshifting vigilante known as Hurricane Polymar.


Takeshi is trained in the Illusionary Destruction Fist (Ha Ri Ken) style of martial arts, which he uses to strike lightning fast blows to his enemies.

His superhero suit, which is concealed inside and activated by his motorcycle helmet, is made of an artificial plastic-metal hybrid polymer compound called Polymet. The material can change into any shape and expand by using electromagnets inside the helmet (basically a kind of hi-tech ferrofluid). This allows Polymar to transform into 5 different vehicles. (A drill tank, a race car, a jet, a submarine and a steamroller respectively.)

Crossovers with Gatchaman

  • Ken is having a bad day

    Ken gets beat up by his girlfriend for insulting her age and by Polymar for kicking him off the roof.

    Polymar made an appearance in the Time Bokan OVA. He is seen fighting alongside the other Tatsunoko heroes against the Doronbo Gang and was one of the few to stay when the trio's mecha transformed into Sailor Mun Mun. After hearing Jun's misunderstanding about Ken's attitude towards fighting a high school girl as a supposed high school girl fetish, he joked about it in Ken's face only to get roundhouse kicked by him. After Ken attempts and fails to patch things up with Jun by insulting her age, both she and Polymar beat Ken up, only to get blasted by Sailor Mun Mun.
    • One thing of note for his design in the OVA is that his tunic and emblem are black instead of the tradtional aqua color from the original series.
  • Polymar is a playable character alongside Jun, Joe and Ken in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
  • Takeshi, like the Gatchaman characters, made a cameo in the 2008 Yatterman remake. He appears in civilain form with Namba Teru and is one of the people who explore a haunted house set up by the Doronbo Gang. His design in the cameo is based off of his OVA appearance from New Hurricane Polimar.


  • Takeshi's superhero name is a word based pun on his martial arts style Ha Ri Ken sounding like the English word hurricane and polymer, a large molecule in chemistry used primarily for the manufacture of synthetic plastics, such as the Polymet that his suit is made out of.
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