The Movie is the Sequel from the 12 episode Infini-T Force series.This Movie focus on Gatchaman Universe,which is this movie will be include Characters From Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. This Movie Also Involving Secret Organitation Galactor.

Characters :

  • Ken Washio/Gatchaman G-1
  • Joe Asakura/ Joe The Condor G-2
  • Yoroi Takeshi/Hurricane Polymar
  • Joji Minami/Tekkaman The Space Knight
  • Casshan/Azuma Tetsuya
  • Dr.Kozaburo Nambu
  • Emi kaidou
  • Friender
  • Sasaoka
  • Jun/ Jun The Swan G-3 (Possibly)
  • Jinpei/ Jinpei The Swallow G-4 (Possibly)
  • Ryu Nakanishi/ Ryu The Horned Owl G-5 (Possibly)
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