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Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization, or just "The Police") is the organization that Doctor Nambu works for.


The Science Ninja Team

Being the most skilled force, they are asked to handle every difficult assignment. They have their own personal weapons, The God Phoenix, their separate mechas, cars, motorcycles, and submarines.

Red Impulse

Red Impulse consists of three people and their ships. The ships are one man fighter craft. These ships have regular bullets as well as missiles that can be set on a timer.

Bird Missile Manufacturing Plant

Interpol makes various self-defense weapons designed by Doctor Nambu including Bird Missiles and Super Bird Missiles. The main factory is located in The Crescent Coral Reef.

Interpol Squadron

These are the remaining security forces, along with the United Nations, whenever The Science Ninja Team and Red Impulse are busy. Occasionally The Science Ninja Team will collaborate with The Interpol Squadron.

In Episode 42, The Great Breakout Trick Operation, Interpol prevented Galactor from recruiting prisoners. Even better, Interpol were able to apprehend the Galactor soldiers as prisoners of war. Doctor Nambu led the Interpol squadron.

When Ken is disgruntled with Doctor Nambu or the Science Ninja Team, he asks why Interpol can't handle it. Another time, in the Hell's Mecha Buddha episode 58, Ken criticized Nambu for not providing security for The Jet Cutter, and refused to "clean up after the International Science Organization.". Nambu said that he will give the assignment to Interpol instead.

In that episode as well as the Jigo Killers episode, Interpol seems to be a plot device when Ken hesitates before a mission. Ken's objections are often justified, as Galactor quickly adapted to Bird Missiles (as early as episode 08) and needed a weapons upgrade. The Science Ninja Team was almost killed in episode 57. It wasn't until after The God Phoenix was destroyed in Mortal Blow: Gatchaman Fire when the new weapons were installed.

In episode 60, Interpol investigated a recently destroyed mountain.

Interpol Headquarters

In Episode 63, Doctor Nambu said Interpol Headquarters requested the Science Ninja Team's assistance in the puzzling investigation. Ryu responded saying that Interpol can request all they want to but they really need to ask a team of expert magicians.

Adaptations In English

Battle Of The Planets firmly establishes Doctor Nambu as "Security Chief Anderson" with his occupation of security. The science occupation was given to 7-Zark-7.