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11 (Gatchaman), 13 (Gatchaman II and Fighter)





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Jun (Adopted Sister)

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Yoku Shioya, Rika Matsumoto (OVA)

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Gatchaman Versus Turtle King

Jinpei also known as Jinpei the Swallow is the Science Ninja Teams youngest member and the reconnaissance expert. He is the 'adopted' brother of Jun.


Jinpei never knew his parents or his earlier life but claims to be descended from Iga ninja. He was wandering the mountains until he was found by Jun and taken back to the orphanage she lived in. Eventually they came under the wing of Dr. Nambu to undergo training for Kagaku Ninpo.


Jinpei in his Gatchaman costume.

Jinpei is average height for a child his age, his civilian clothing usually consists of a T-shirt with the number 4 on it and a pair of shorts. His swallow-themed Bird Style is mainly colored yellow with red limbs. It is adorned with a dark blue cape that is teal on the inside. His helmet is colored blue with yellow eyes and a red outline, with the visor being clear yellow.


Jinpei is cheery and excitable like most children his age but is also very responsible, helping Jun run her stand and supporting his teammates to the best of his abilities when needed.



Jinpei knew Jun growing up in the orphanage and is as close to her as a sibling by blood, helping her run the GoGo Snack Stand. Jinpei also likes to tease Jun about her feelings for Ken.

Ken Washio

As Ken is his leader, Jinpei heeds Ken's every order and respects him. He is also close with Ken when not on the field calling him 'Aniki'.

Weapons and Arsenal

Fighting Style

Jinpei's style of Kagaku Ninpo focuses mainly on stealth and incapacitating enemies as Jinpei's small body puts him at a disadvantage against enemies that are full grown.


Bolas: Jinpei's primary weapon in the original series. They are usually used to restrain enemies.

Rebound Ball: Jinpei's primary weapon in Gatchaman II. A super-ball projectile that is thrown from a shovel-like mitt attached to his left hand.

Rebound Ball

Swallow Top: Jinpei's weapon in Gatchaman Fighter. A spinning top attached to a yo-yo like string.

Swallow Top

Unnamed hacking device: In the Gatchaman OVA, Jinpei had a device which he could use to hack into Galactor computers. The device had a collapsible screen,a gamepad-like button interface and transmitted data to Jinpei's helmet via a heads up display on his visor.

Jinpei: Hacker at Work.

G-4 Mecha


Swallow Helico: A small VTOL aircraft used for recon in areas that the New God Phoenix cannot enter. It is presumed that it was destroyed along with the New God Phoenix in Gatchaman Fighter.

Swallow Helico

Gatcha Four: Jinpei's mecha in Gatchaman Fighter. A large black and white land vehicle. One of the five vehicles that form the Gatchaspartan, it forms the central body of the ship.

Gatcha Four


  • While Jinpei's real birthday is unknown, it is celebrated on the day Jun had found him.
  • Jinpei's name comes from the uncle of Gatchaman's screenwriter Jinzō Toriumi.
  • Jinpei's voice actor was still a child during most of the anime and he entered puberty in the later stages which is why Jinpei's voice is deeper in the final episode.
  • The OVA mentions Jinpei has a special driver's license to drive his dune buggy.

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