Entomologist Koda is an independent, reclusive, and laughing stock of the peaceful scientific community, but persisted with them instead of selling out to Galactor. Nambu initially thought that Koda as silly. It turns out that Koda has immense knowledge of Galactor's new mecha monster covering 50 years.

Role In Mission

Jun and Jinpei were the first to meet Koda, who drank 10 glasses of ice water. When he asked for another glass, it bothered Jinpei but Jun kindly asked if everything was okay.

Jinpei ended up accompanying Koda, wanting to capture and sell many grasshoppers. Jinpei didn't believe Koda's warning about the swarm until after their pilot abandoned ship. The other members did not accompany them since they did not suspect Galactor at the time. They assumed Jinpei was irresponsible and greedy and were ready to punish him. Jinpei assisted Koda in completing the mission. Since communication was impossible, he decided to spray insect repellent on the jungle in the shape of The Bird Scramble.

Nambu orders The Science Ninja Team to stop grasshoppers from destroying an important atmospheric resource, still unaware of Galactor's mecha monster. Jinpei and Koda find Beacon Mecha 108, shaped like a tiny grasshopper, and dismantle it. They try to reprogram Beacon Mecha 108, but a large amount of the jungle was destroyed by grasshoppers. Out of repellent, they have no choice but to move everything to the unaffected area of the jungle and burn the house down.

They rescue Jinpei, who now has The Beacon Mecha 108. They are able to finish it, which attracts the other beacon mechas. The God Phoenix launches two Super Bird Missiles: One for the Beacon Mechas, and the other for the giant mecha monster (also shaped as a grasshopper) that eventually detonates.

Koda stays behind to rebuild.

Production Notes

Despite his name when spoken sounding like Toda, the end credits spell it Koda.

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