Officer, later Captain of Red Impulse

Personal Status

Alive (76-105), Deceased (105)

Voice Actor

Mitsuo Yokoi

First Appearance
Anime Debut

Episode 76

Masaki is a member of the Red Impulse team. He usually appears along with his captain, and later became captain himself when Red Impulse died.


Masaki is a friendly and supportive young man, he was well liked by members of Red Impulse especially when he became captain. He supports the Science Ninja Team and does everything to help. He brought Onishi under his care after he was deprived of his voice.


Masaki is a highly skilled pilot, able to pilot his jet in a highly maneuverable fashion and effectively use its weapons. He is skilled in combat as well, especially with Onishi at his side.


Masaki usually appeared when Red Impulse was sent out to assist the Science Ninja Team. Even though he was present on missions involving their team, he himself did not physically appear until episode 76. With the death of Red Impulse, he was promoted to captain. On the final mission to confront Galactor, he and Onishi are killed when they are brought into the black hole generated by Sosai X.

Voice Actors

Tessho Genda voiced Masaki in episode 76, though he was credited under his birth name, Mitsuo Yokoi. By the time Masaki reappeared in episode 104, Takeshi Aono provided his voice.

English Adaptations

  • He was voiced by Keye Luke in "Battle of the Planets", as the writers at Sandy Frank Entertainment mistakenly dubbed him as Colonel Cronus (Red Impulse) when they translated episode 76.
  • His voice actor for "G-Force: Guardians of Space" is currently unknown, but was likely someone in the limited voice pool that the series had (Sam Fontana, Bill Capizzi, Cam Clarke, Jan Rabson, or Gregg Berger).
  • He was voiced by George Manley in ADV Films' dub of the series.
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