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  • Nightmare9188 changed the wiki's whole theme from light to dark and uploaded a new wordmark renaming the wiki as Battle of the Planets Wiki (a name which implies non-coverage of the Japanese show and the other dubs). I've reverted his changes (he should've discussed it first) and then uploaded my own new wordmark, using a higher quality version of the same logo you used originally. I hope you approve. I also made a version of the logo for Monobook, since there was never a logo there.

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    • We assumed good faith when we granted you the rights. But actions suggested otherwise and a total rename is not something considered "in good faith". "In good faith" would be something you believed to be the case or helpful, but it would not be something that would require community input which did not occur before those actions were taken. If you have ideas for a better design, please start a new thread and let's talk about it.

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    • I have already told you I do it next time. As well I didn't rename the wiki, I just added a new wordmark to tie into the new adaptation of Nelvana. I think you make a big issue out of a little mistake I already said I won't make again.

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