The NOTE is a physical manifestation of a person's spiritual powers. Users of NOTE are called Gatchaman. They resemble high-tech notebooks that come in a variety of colors depending on the person. Once manifested, they offer its user powers based on their lifestyles, personalities, and abilities.


NOTEs resemble palm-sized notebooks with a strap keeping it closed. They come in different colors depending on the person and have emblems on the front and back. The G-Crew's NOTEs feature the Gatchaman emblem, Rui's NOTE has a diamond emblem, Berg Katse's emblem features a corrupted Gatchaman emblem.


The only known method of manifesting NOTEs is for someone with exceptional power to extract the spiritual power from an individual which then becomes a NOTE. The G-Crew received their NOTEs from J.J. Robinson while Rui received his from Berg Katse.


NOTEs hold many abilities such as sending messages to other NOTE users. A common feature called Amnesia Effect activates a field that prevents non-Gatchaman from seeing them and aliens. Another ability called Amnesia Remind allows Gatchaman to manifest their Gatchaman forms visible to others. With the "Bird, Go!" phrase, the Gatchaman assumes a form based on their individual traits. For example, Sugane's Gatchaman form is styled like a samurai while Hajime's features scissors that relate to her hobbies. Some powers can also be accessed without assuming a Gatchaman form, the only known users include Utsutsu Miya, O.D, and Rui.

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