NTT Gatchaman is a fanterm for a series of commercials that were made to promote the Internet service provider NTT-East in the early 2000s. Some of the commercials featured Japanese boy band group SMAP portraying live action versions of the characters, while the other two were animated by Tatsunoko and featured modernized costume redesigns of the Ninja Team. In addition to the commercials, there was a light novel sent by e-mail by NTT-East as a gift for new subscribers. To this date, the contents of the light novel remain vague and untranslated.

Based on sketches found on the Internet, fans have speculated if the commercials were a possible pitch to a reboot/revival of the franchise with a new series. However, no such series was made and at this time, Tatsunoko has not said anything to confirm or deny this rumor.

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Gatchaman Animated NTT Commercial Rare

NTT Gatchaman Animated part 1


CM ガッチャマン アニメ後編NTT EAST2006 02

NTT Gatchaman Animated part 2



NTT SMAP Gatchaman

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