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The New God Phoenix (新 ゴッド・フェニックス, Shin Goddo Fenikkusu) is the successor to the God Phoenix and the primary vessel and mobile base of operations of the Science Ninja Team during Gatchaman II. It is equipped for travelling into space as well as underwater and has hangar bays inside it for the team's mecha. The ship was destroyed during the first episode of Gatchaman Fighter and replaced by the Gatchaspartan.



2 Missile Launchers:

10 Type 2 Bird Missiles

Magnetic Missiles

4 50mm Vulcan guns

The Firebird


2 Rocket engines

Top Speed: Mach 8.5 (Airspeed)

60 knots (Underwater)



  • Despite being touted as more powerful the God Phoenix, the ship was shot down or disabled frequently in the show.
  • The ship is loathed by some Western fans for its cartoonish bird head on the nosecone, as well as confusion to why the God Phoenix needed to be replaced.
    • The reason it replaced the God Phoenix was explained in a Japanese radio drama from 1979 that has not been recorded or publicized since. In reality, the change was an executive mandate by the toy company Popy to gain profit from the toy sales of the new show. (As it was one of the sponsors of Sunday morning programs on the network at the time.)
  • It is referred to as the "Ultra Eagle" in "Eagle Riders", the only English adaptation of Gatchaman II (as well as Fighter) to date.