Ohayo Ninja tai Gatchaman is an animated flash short series made in collaboration between Tatsunoko Productions and the TV network ZIP!. It is the first among ZIP!'s animated flash adaptations of classic anime. After its release on television, it was used in a few coloborations between different parties including the Bansen program for the work-related News Ninja Team Gatchaman as well as promotions for products like Monster Hunter Tri G. A manga version of the series was released for the Kerokero Ace magazine.


This series is a comedy flash series where the story of the Science Ninja Team's battle against Galactor is reinvented in a modern society. Due to its comedic nature, the airings are episodic and there is no continuity, although there are links to earlier episodes at times. Some episodes are also focused on Galactor instead of the Science Ninja Team. There have been cases of rebroadcasts from time to time such as periods of holidays. After its original run ended on March 29, 2013 a rebroadcast periods of five days started on August 19, 2013.


Science Ninja Team Gatchaman

  • Ken the Eagle
  • Joe the Condor
  • Jun the Swan
  • Jinbei the Swallow
  • Ryu the Owl
  • Dr. Nambu
  • Secretary Anderson
  • Red Impulse
  • Nelson


  • Berg Katse
  • Sosai X
  • Black Bird captain
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