Episode 06
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Series Gatchaman Crowds
Original Air date August 15, 2013
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Originality is the sixth episode of Gatchaman Crowds. It first aired on August 15th, 2013.


Despite knowing the risk it puts her life in, Utsutsu uses her power to heal the wounded, with Joe lending her his life force as well. Meanwhile, Sugane is at a loss for words when Hajime reveals her identity to Rui, which is captured on camera and broadcast across the city. The next day, as Hajime and Utsusu try to evade the press, she receives an invitation to meet with Rui in exchange for a successful escape with the help from some chosen GALAXers. They soon arrive at a hotel where they meet Rui, later joined by Sugane, who was also invited. Rui states that Gatchaman are unneccessary in the world he is trying to create with GALAX, though Hajime straight out rejects his suggestion to quit being Gatchaman.

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