The Gatchaman have to confront Solaris in a final battle to save the earth. The huge mechanical devices installed at each of the Galactor's bases are infiltrating the Earth's interior, disrupting weather patterns and transforming the Earth's landscape into an environment hostile to the human race. In the midst of these disasters Joe is beginning to regain his childhood memories and must deal with the realization that he may be descended from the blood of his enemies. Joe decides to use his knowledge of the Galactor society to help save the human race. Joe single-handedly infiltrates the Galactor headquarters and manages to transmit its coordinates to the Gatchaman moments before he is captured by Solaris and his henchman.

Meanwhile the Gatchaman group teams up with Red Impulse to attack the Galactor's home base – it's a brutal fight to the death in which both the Gatchaman and the Red Impulse will pay the ultimate price. In the end-credits, it turns out that the Gatchaman team survived thanks to a miracle. 

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