The Great Mini Robot Operation
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The Great Mini Robot Operation is the 6th episode of Gatchaman.



Mini Robots are robbing the banks. The Science Ninja Team attempts to locate and retrieve the gold.


The World Bank controls the global economy and is kept under strict security. Mini Robots called Micros are still able to penetrate the defenses and rob the vaults. Dr. Nambu locates the gold in the Barrelli Sea, but the sea has dozens of islands to search.

Ken, Jun, and Jinpei finally stumble onto the correct island and stage a capture. while Joe and Ryu remain on the Godphoenix. Joe argues with Dr. Nambu while Ken discovers that the place they have been taken to is just a base, and not headquarters that they had hoped. However, the gold is still at the base. Joe sneaks out and searches for the gold. The Galactor captain discovers the Godphoenix and tries to destroy it. Joe tries to contact Ryu, who won't wake up. Ken, Jun, and Jinpei are held captive by the Micros.

Later, Joe finds an entrance and attacks the guard. Leader X is worried about security, so he orders the gold bars to be transported directly to headquarters. Ken, Jun, and Jinpei decide to change into birdstyle and attack the robots. They are followed by the captain of the base. They defend themselves and try to escape. Meanwhile, Joe has very little resistance because most of the soldiers are responding to the intruder alarm caused by Joe, Jun, and Jinpei.

Joe found the vault and successfully retrieves the gold and stores it in the Godphoenix. Joe, Jinpei, and Jun retreat once the Joe informs them that the mission is accomplished, but they are captured again by Micros. After using the Tornado Fighter and the Boomerang, they quickly escape with the gold. Katse orders the captain to return to headquarters with the gold. Joe fires the Bird Missile without provokation. The captain speeds away while the containers shatter, revealing fake gold. Katse overhears and orders the captain to execution and the Micros to self destruct. Their base also explodes.

Voice Cast

Battle of the Planets (1978)

  • Mark, Spectra Commander: Casey Kasem
  • Jason: Ronnie Schell
  • Princess, Susan: Janet Waldo
  • Keyop, 7-Zark-7: Alan Young
  • Tiny, Chief Anderson, Spectra Troopers: Alan Dinehart
  • Zoltar: Keye Luke



  • The "chirping" sound effect occurs at the beginning of this episode when the Mini Robots appear. This sound effect occurs in additional episodes of Gatchamen, Gatchaman II, and Gatchaman Fighter. The sound effect occurs during suspicious activity, and indicates that the suspicious activity is caused by Galactor.
  • This episode is featured in Battle of the Planets: The Movie.
  • In Battle of the Planets, a character named 7-Zark-7 was created to explain that the casualties were from robots, even in episodes where Galactor soldiers aren't supposed to be robots. This episode features actual robots.





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