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    16:00, May 20, 2015

    Hajime is probably the best main character I have ever seen.

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    • I might not have liked not seeing as much action in Crowds like other Gatchaman series, but I did find Hajime to be quite enjoyable: no regrets, no worries, happy-go-lucky, and knows how to deal with situations that people would normally panic about.

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    • I thought she was a terrible character, she hogged the spotlight and was super perfect with no flaws.

      This series had promise but ended in a trainwreck, I still get angry thinking about the ending, What was the point of having superheroes in the story if the message is "be your own hero".

      It is a big middle finger to the fans of the franchise and caped and costumed fans abroad by saying that superheroes should not exist in the Digital Age.

      And don't even get me started on what they did to Berg Katze. A SCARF? You have a murderer responsible for the mass genocide of multiple planets and instead of giving him his death sentence after a trial YOU TURN HIM INTO A SCARF.

      This is not Long from Gekiranger, Berg is not an immortal god that is invincible and has to be sealed away because nothing can destroy him. I saw him bleed, so in theory he can die.

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    • They didn't turn him into a scarf. That scarf is just a normal school uniform, the color is different in each grade. But someone said Hajime may put Katze's note into herself in the same place where her note came out so he wouldn't be killed.

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    • That only raises more questions.... How did it happen?  Who did it?  Why?

      What was the point of it all if it has nothing to do with superheroes?

      If you say facebook and the power of social media...then why did they bother to slap the Gatchaman name on it if Superheroes are just wall decor for the main plot?

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    • For those questions, here are a few theories:

      He/she was probably sealed inside Hajime by J.J. since Katse was too dangerous to let loose on the world and others. For Katse this was worse than death since he hates everything other than misfortune while Hajime stays positive in everything.

      I can't really say much about the plot plan but this was aimed at a modern audience to reintroduce a popular yet decade's old series while using elements from modern pop culture like social media. If you ask me this was more about promoting Gatchaman rather than reintroducing it, which can cause fans of the show to get an interest and look back on its source of material. Especially since the live-action Gatchaman film opened a month after the show premiered.

      But again, these are just theories.

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    • Supposedly the Blu-Ray in January will contain the "full ending". It's said that the last two episodes were chopped up/re-arranged for broadcast due to timing issues and Tatsunoko not being able to meet deadlines with the animation. Yeah, it stinks. Hopefully the full ending will explain a few matters or kind of make things a little better? O.D.'s fate was left unclear as it is too, and Utsu-tsu and Joe kind of vanished off.

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    • Well that's a little better I suppose. Still kinda stupid to hack up the finale just to meet a deadline.

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    • Since the main focus of the show isn't about superheroes showdown, I think they ended it just where it need to be, though it cockteased everyone on what happened over the timeskip.

      My take on why Katse is sealed as a scarf... probably its a plan that thought up by Hajime, right after where she make a last phone call to her mother before she pull out her notes before the credit roll.

      The showdown is skipped which could due to the reason of:

      1. Not the main focus, Crowds are. 2. Out of production time 3. Build up for seasonTwo

      Why Katse isn't banish or kill? Mess-chan. Hajime ended a case of alien abduction by interacting (?) them instead of killing. Safe to say she sealed Katse near her so one day she could befriend/tame with Katse....

      talk about some fuck up optimism there, lol

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    • The intended ending has apparently leaked out, as screencap sets are being posted on Tumblr. Still need to find out the context and all of what happened, but it does show how Katse got sealed away in Hajime. O.D.'s fate is also clarified.

      The Blu-Ray also includes some developmental material for Crowds that people might find interesting, especially since it looked like they were going to keep the bird suit theme early on. Not sure how it wound up to the current point, but there you go.

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    • (*reads updated trivia on her page*)

      Again with the G-6 thing... seems like anything involving that designation is cursed to go on the cutting room floor or in the animation wastebasket.

      I'm guessing the implication with her weapon being the Birdrang in the concept phase is she is a relative or protege of Ken the Eagle. (If a relative, perhaps his daughter or granddaughter maybe?)

      I would like to see this Tumblr.

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      Found it. I'm curious to see the other early character designs on the Blu-Ray. The Kinako artbook has a few other concepts that were changed up over time, such as Joe wearing a black version of his jumpsuit and O.D. mentioned to have originally been designed to be Katze (before they re-assigned the design to one of the team members).

      I'm waiting for a sub of the Director's Cut version of episode 12.

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    • (*sees it and gets upset at what we got instead*) Grrrrrrr... WHY?!  This was perfect, this actually looked like a continuation of the original. That Bird Style G-Suit is gorgeous! (the first one)

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    • Reviewers on Anime News Network did say that whether people loved or hated Crowds would be based on Hajime, which lead to Aldo hating it and a good number of people liking it. I wonder if this would apply if the old design and whatever other ideas came up during development.

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    • To be fair, I am willing to give the anime a second chance by watching the second season with an open mind.

      I will remain calm and keep telling myself "This is not the Gatchaman of yesteryear", and the writers have learned from thier past mistakes hopefully by giving us something more satisfying in terms of conclusion and closure.

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    • I really hated her character, she was so annoying, if it wasn't Rui, i would have dropped it long ago.

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