• I love Hajime! She's a very unique and original character. Although she's seen as an energetic, happy-go-lucky girl; Hajime is the most mature person in the series. Hajime never shows her anxiety. She is never angry or sad, she never ever cries. She's not trying to be strong, just that she's never afraid. She sees and and understands the issue the most. She doesn't just look and fights in the front. She looks at the issue completely. She's not like those other positive characters, who can only think 'we can do this!' And work hard; Hajime knows how to do it. Not only in situations, she looks at a person or even aliens, in their outside and inside. She doesn't judge and tries to look for reasons and meaning. She's not like those overly kind characters who cries, laughs, and tries to work hard with her friends; not likeThe kind characters who hates her/friend's/family's enemy; or even those kind characters who pities and tries to find kindness in their enemy. Hajime is not like them. Hajime treats everyone with same kindness; friends or enemy; hood or bad. Not to mention, she's actually a realist and very down-to-earth.

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    • I also love her. The innocent and a bit 'dumb' way she talks to Katze while he's saying horrifying things really impressed me. She never expresses her emotions, hiding them with a big and strange smile. The 1st season's ending INNOCENT NOTE shows a lot of her character and constrats with how she's protrayed in the show. She's very positive, sometimes confusing, while we don't know her background. She made this show really special.

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