Yes, but the fact is that in Japan it was a follow-up of Gatchaman. As you've said, there were two dubs of the first series, the first Battle of the Planets, the second being G-Force. From what I saw there was even a third dub released on DVD a few years ago to stick more to the original than Battle of the Planets or G-Force ever did. I knew that it should look like Battle of the Planets and G-Force are different series. Gatchaman was the opposite to Robotech and Voltron, where several Japanese series were combined. That's why I said it causes confusion. There also could be a re-dub of Eagle Riders, since it only aired 13 episodes in North America and 65 in Australia, while there altogether were 100 Gatchaman II and Gatchaman F episodes. As with B-Daman you are wrong, Bob Buchholz didn't work on Fireblast nor did any of the voice actors who starred in Crossfire. I was personally involved in the fandom of B-Daman by uploading a new Japanese episode every week on YouTube and doing many edits on the B-Daman Wiki, so I heard all those news.

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