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Jun NTT Costume

Admit it, this is Jun's best costume....

I must confess, I'm not much of a Gatchaman fan. But I do understand the importance of the franchise in Japanese pop culture and as an introduction to anime for previous generations before me in America.

Besides, without these Science Ninjas, we wouldn't have Super Sentai or Power Rangers as we know them and the world would be a lot different and less otaku friendly IMHO.

I have taken it upon myself to safeguard and maintain this wiki until I can find a group of fans to keep it in good condition.

Other wikis I work at

  • Kamen Rider Wiki My favorite import superhero series
  • Devilman Wiki WARNING: Graphic Adult content. Not a fan, but I do fix ups for the admin staff
  • Tokupedia- A wiki and centralized hub about the tokusatsu genre. It's not perfect by any means, but we try...
  • Cutey Honey Wiki "HONEY FLASH!" A wiki salvage/startup project with the admins of Devilman Wiki. Like with the Devilman Wiki, viewer discretion is advised.
  • TMNT Wiki A wiki about the Nick TV series
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