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  • I live in Massachusetts
  • I was born on August 29
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

Hi, I'm TenkaiKnightsUnite29. You can just call me TKU. I'm known for helping the Tenkai Knights Wiki. As many from there know, a goal I have is helping communities become better places. I have decided to expand my business of helping communities here and more. Based on the merchandise, Gatchaman looks like a cool series that anyone would like, including myself. I can't be here 24/7, due to school and other reasons, but when I'm here, I'll do whatever it takes to help this wiki.


You can also adress me as:

  • TKU29
  • TKU
  • Dom
  • Cinimod
  • Domination
  • Dominator
  • Lucky
  • Unity

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  • March 23, 2015- Earned the Key to the Wiki badge.
  • April 01, 2015- Earned Two Weeks on the Wiki Badge.

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TKU's Wise Words

  • Patience is the key to receiving gifts.
  • If you have a brave heart, be adventurous.
  • If life is about searching for the answer, then search for how you want to live life to the fullest.
  • Documents are like photos. They contain important info and memories.
  • Frozen? Slow life? Regular speed? Fast life? Speed of light? What rate do you want to live your life at?
  • Respect has to be earned, not given as a gift.
  • When all is lost, what is your last resort? Relying on miracles, or having hope and faith?
  • Do you believe in facts or the imaginary? It's your world and your choice.
  • The past is our history guide towards making a better future.
  • Never block a curious mind from the mysteries and wonders of the world.
  • If you want to truthfully relax, put some chill music on, find the most relaxing place in your house, put yourself in a relaxing position, close your eyes, let go of all the problems and stress you have, and think and imagine yourself in a world of paradise. Be in that "paradise" of yours for as long as you need to be in a better mood to come back to reality. If this doesn't work for you, discover yourself, find yourself, and know who you are because only you know how you can relax. If you are having trouble, ask friends, family members, or teachers, or search for results online. Ultimately, you are searching for ways to the key of relaxation.
  • You and others may think of someone as differently than everyone else, but, in a way, aren't we all different?
  • Independence is strong, but unity is a stronger force.
  • When you're telling the truth, the person you're being most truthful to is yourself.
  • Stranger means someone a person hasn't met at all. We may think of many people as strangers, but they can do the same to us. So, in a way, can every person in the world be a stranger, since they don't know everyone and everyone doesn't know them?
  • You are given a piece of paper. With that, you also receive writing utensils, colored pencils, and sharpies. Notice anything? Right in front of you is an area to unleash your imagination, show your originality, and improve or test your skills.
  • The actions you make determines the future you will take.
  • If you lost a special someone from your life or if you're 1000's of miles apart from them, there is a phrase you should think of them: Always Loved, Always Remembered, Never Forgotten, Never Missed. If they feel the same way towards you, they would do it too. By doing this, it shows the bonds of relationships you have between them. Some relationships may live forever while others may die in a while or in a instant. We can't predict how long the love between people will last. What we do know is how our relationships are going and anything we can do to keep the relationships alive. If you feel alone, don't because there is usually one other human being in the world who may like you after you meet them. Of course you don't know who they are yet, but it would be great to explore the land and find people with common interests. This journey could be short-lived or could be a long quest. We all don't know how long we will live on Earth, but for whatever it's worth, spend your time wisely with the ones you love and the ones who love you. You never know when they may no longer become characters in your book of life. It could be a while or it could be right now.
  • There are two or more sides in war and the boundaries that separate them from each other are clear to see. The sides can be similar in some ways. They all fight for something, which could be land or power. No side gives up until they win. However, there can be a turning point where they may need to give up. It's either success or they lose many lives in the process. When the war ends, there are usually winners and losers. The effects of war can vary from little to life changing. If it's little, the problem can be fixed immediately. If it's life changing, the people of countries will need to learn how to move on and use the war as a constant reminder to remember what happened to live a better life.
  • Working at your own pace is the best way for you to get the job done.
  • When you give freedom to someone to do something, you need to know how much freedom you're giving to them. You shouldn't give too little, otherwise, they would wine and pester, but you shouldn't give too much, otherwise, problems can occur and it would be out of your control to stop them. It's all about that balance. So, how do you know if you're giving enough freedom? You don't, unless you take the risk. Outcomes can't be determined without making actions.
  • When you're alone, what do you have? A lot of time to think. You could be thinking about anything, like your past and future, what happened today, what's going on with your friends. So what's the point of thinking? Thinking allows us to give us some time to remember an answer to something and say it verbally. Thinking can allows us to shift our opinions of something. Thinking can combine with inspiration to make helpful gadgets for the world. Thinking is limitless, and it will live on, forever.
  • When you are lost, what do you use to return onto the main road? Technology, people, or you?
  • Do you know what's beautiful about a twilight? You can see it with your own eyes, take a picture to forever look at the moment, or you and your special someone can share the moment under it.
  • Humans may not live forever, however, if they have any fame or are mentioned in writings that shall be recognized by humans, they can become immortal.
  • Rhythm and harmony are like balance. If they are disturbed, problems will happen and the peace and tranquility will have to be received to gain the atmosphere back.
  • If someone does something terrible to you, like commenting or banning you from a place, should you let that ruin your day and mood? It's your choice. If you want to be upset by it, fine, but be prepared for karma if you do anything wrong. If you chose to not let it bother you, then good, you're being evasive.
  • If a place isn't welcoming you, what should you do? You could either leave and don't come back, do come back and suffer, which isn't really the best choice, or do something about the conditions into a way where you can be there and feel comfortable. To fully feel comfortable in a place you want to be at, but it's not welcoming you, you first must identify the source of this communication problem. Who is the problem? You or the people of the place? If it's you, you must figure out your problem and determine how you're going to solve it. If the people are the problem, don't just stand there and hope someone will just magically appear and help you. If there's a problem, speak up to someone who can help. You can't receive help without asking for it. Once the problem is solved, peace can be gained, and then you may feel welcomed. If the place isn't working out for you, there are other places on this planet we call Earth. Go see them. The world is like one huge adventure. It has lots of land and water to explore.
  • When you're dreaming big, and someone is trying to crush your dreams, what are you going to do about it? Are you going let them defeat what you want to do, be, or accomplish, or are you going to ignore what they think and proceed forward? You should never let someone dictate what you want to do in the future. At the beginning of your life, your parents help you make decisions. When you're 18 or older, you can finally do what you want, but remember, you need to learn how to advocate for yourself and know the good and bad decisions you make. If you need your parents help still, fine, but remember, they won't be in your entire life. They are alive for at least more than half of your life. Be fortunate for the time you can spend with them and the time they can spend with you.
  • There is a price to pay for when you want freedom. When you attempt to stand up for yourself, there is a cost. Should you disturb your universe for freedom and making your own decisions?
  • When something stands in your way, are you going to let it block you? No, you should either pass through it or find a way around it. Never let anything stand in your way of achieving a goal.
  • Utopia, or paradise, can be defined as a place or world of perfection, where there is no violence, no hunger, no more crimes, and more than that. A world where there's peace, balance, equality, acceptance of others, love, unity, and more. If only Earth could be the perfect planet to live in, but that's far from possible. It will take a long time until all the world's problems are solved. If anyone wants to live in utopia, then let's stop slouching on the couch and start making a better world, like helping our communities, donating to special causes like charity or the poor, and apologizing to those we done wrong to. If we can unite together as one force to help the world, we can start to see a glimpse of paradise.
  • Is it possible to be young forever? No. We can all pretend to be young, but we shall never live it. The fountain of youth hasn't been found, nor it will ever be found. We need to come to the sudden realization that we can't act like children forever. When we become older, we need to be more mature. Those who can't be mature won't be able to connect with others of an older age. Growing up isn't so terrible as we may think. Growing up is part of the circle of life. We are all subject to become adults. Time flies fast when you're doing your thing everyday. If your life is based on a schedule, then you're bringing yourself closer to death. Don't you want control? Do something different. Do something that won't bother your everyday life. Going out of your comfort zone isn't bad, as long as it is in the right direction.
  • Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without you? Is it good or bad, or would it feel like it doesn't matter if you're here on this planet? If you're important to a place, don't give it up. If you have no value, but want some, find a way you can help the world or invent something that people desperately need. Every human on this planet has a role, ranging from little to huge. So, in a way, we all are odd or different, but we do have importance. This is usually done by our characteristics or the actions we make.
  • If you want friends, stop hiding inside your house, take a step into nature, and find people who have common interests of what you like. Don't hide yourself from the world, show the world who you are.
  • When the day ends, the party begins.
  • When there's a farewell party for someone, some people, or for something important, don't just make it a party, make the moment so significant that everyone who was there can remember the moment for a lifetime.
  • You are titanium. Your enemies are people with guns. They can shoot you down, but you won't fall. You won't lose. You'll be the last man standing and win the fight.
  • If you want to live in a world of peace, then create youself an island that separates you from the rest of the world. You may have no drama or violence, but at what cost? You may get what you wanted, but you may be living alone or with at least one other being. Basically, if you want a stress free place, make an island, but be aware of what will happen when you do that. Ultimately, the choice is yours.
  • What do you do when you reach straight boredom? Do you stare into space and look at the unknown, or are you going to find something that you find fun?
  • If you have nothing to say in a conversation or discussion, should you say anything at all? Well, you should at least listen so you know what going on, that way, if someone asks if you're paying attention, you heard all of it. If you can contribute to the conversation, good. If you can't, then try not to say anything idiotic or offensive to the people around you.
  • Some things may appear junk, but they may have more value than they seem to be.
  • When time is running out, you need to learn to think fast and smart in a situation. If you're put on the spot, by like a friend or a teacher, to do something cool or correct, make sure you weren't spacing out. Your listening and seeing skills are required to be correct or impress.
  • Wrongly accusing a person of doing something is one matter, but openly framing them because you think they're terrible is different. Don't assume someone has a bad nature. Not everyone in the world is evil. There can be people you can trust and be friends with.
  • Follow your heart and have faith...
  • When the sun goes down, the moon comes up, and vice versa. This can apply to you. When the day is over, tomorrow is a new day. Everyday is a new day for you to do either the same thing or make a difference.
  • When you do the same thing everyday, are you bored or do you enjoy doing it?
  • Smoking may seem good to some people, but it's not likeable to everyone. We need life, not death. If you're against smoking, stand up and help your generation become a healthier population.
  • When you have secret thoughts, should you be hiding them? Should you keep your own thoughts and never tell your friends secrets? No. You should say what's on your mind. There are people who wonder about you.
  • Role playing is a great way to express yourself.
  • When you have a bad day, you can either accept it and move on or you could do something about it and turn it around.
  • Sometimes, you need to know when to be involved in a situation, and other times, you need to know when to stop one.
  • When you're living in the past, how can you progress in the present and future? You need to be on the same level as everyone else and know what's going on with society.
  • When you have nothing left, there's one thing you still own: The fact that you're still alive, breathing, and seeing what's around you.
  • If you know you have some kind of test, exam, or assessment, should you be wasting your time by goofing off and failing it or would you spend time wisely by studying and perhaps receiving success?
  • Having a lot of money is cool, but you shouldn't just be using it for yourself. Sure, it's your money, but it would be great if you used it to help a friend or in support for a national organization, like charity.
  • If, at first, you receive failure on anything, don't let that end there. Don't give up. Keep trying, and you may pass, win, or succeed.
  • When you do good actions, it's expected that you'll be repaid gratefully. When you make terrible choices, it's expected that those actions will attack you immediately and even effect you in the future. This is called karma. Do you believe in it? It makes sense. Do good things and good outcomes will happen, do bad things and bad fates will occur.
  • When you have a scar, you may think of it as something gross, something that you don't want other people to see because you could be bullied of it. Truth is there really isn't nothing to be ashamed of with a scar. Scars can be signs of toughness, or even bravery, since you survived from the minor to major attacks placed onto you.
  • If you're going out of your comfort zone, you need to be aware of what you're doing and see if you're comfortable with doing something out of the ordinary.
  • If you feel like you have to cry over something involved with your life, but you're holding it all in, don't do it. If you need to cry, let it all out. It's okay to cry. It's not terrible to have human emotions.
  • The day is over at the point when you finish your objectives or when you're tired and can't go any further.
  • How do you know if you had enough sleep? If you're, at all, tired, sleep some more, if possible. If you're completely relaxed and full of energy, you're ready to start or continue your day.
  • Perfection may be impossible to be, but it's possible to do things that are considered to be perfect, like 100% on an exam, or showing how something is supposed to be done.
  • If you're mindlessly speaking or typing, you should stop. You need to be aware of what you're doing. If not, you could be posing yourself as a fool or be lucky enough to say what's on topic. In this case, don't take the risk of hoping you said the right words.
  • Have some kind of block that prevents you from doing your best? Identify it and do whatever it takes to get rid of it so you'll be able to continue and do great.
  • If someone is offering you the chance to become a leader and you decline, should the people around you think anymore or less of you? No, they shouldn't because it's your choice. We all have the freedom to make a choice. Even if the choice is refusing to take something great, we all have our own reasons to what we do and why we do it.
  • When you leave, make sure you say goodbye to all your friends.
  • One man's poppycock is another man's understanding.
  • Looking at the big picture allows you to see, know, and understand more than you ever could before.
  • With friends, you could do more and achieve more than you ever could have independently.
  • Life would be easier and better if we all had what we wanted, but let's face it, life doesn't work like that. Even if we had everything we hoped for, our lives would eventually be boring.
  • Do you have any knowledge of what you've planted in your own life? In other words, what have you been doing with your life? Have you done a lot, or a little? Have any idea what you'll do in the future? It's important for you to know who you are based on the past and present and combine the two into your future self. It's also important to know who or what you would like to be in the future. It's your time and it's your life. You're creating your story and you have the control of what you want to do anytime.
  • Lying can often be thought as a sin, or a wrongful act. Lying should only be done if it's to protect someone or a group of people you care for, something, or someplace.
  • Be fortunate and grateful for what you have, what you are given, and what you will own. You never know how long you will live on this planet.
  • We all can't be leaders, and not all leaders can be truly followed, but we all can at least make a stand and lead a fight or cause for something we want to achieve in our lives.
  • It's cool to save a lot of money, but it's best you don't save too much money, otherwise, it could lead to corruption or you would be greedy and keep all of it for yourself. Overall, you should know when to save and when to spend.
  • If, at first, you receive failure on anything, don't let that end there. Don't give up. Keep trying, and you may pass, win, or succeed.
  • When you do good actions, it's expected that you'll be repaid gratefully. When you make terrible choices, it's expected that those actions will attack you immediately and even effect you in the future. This is called karma. Do you believe in it? It makes sense. Do good things and good outcomes will happen, do bad things and bad fates will occur.
  • When you have a scar, you may think of it as something gross, something that you don't want other people to see because you could be bullied of it. Truth is there really isn't nothing to be ashamed of with a scar. Scars can be signs of toughness, or even bravery, since you survived from the minor to major attacks placed onto you.

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