VAPE's Logo on a death threat e-mail to Prime Minister Suguyama.

Kill the Crowds!

–Rizumu's call for his army to attack

VAPE, short for Violent Ape is a radical anti-Crowds extremist group led by Rizumu Suzuki. The existence of VAPE is the result of the aftermath of the Neo Hundred 's reign of terror a year ago in the first season and the revelation of the CROWDS and Gatchaman to the world at large. Rizumu felt that that the Crowds were nothing more than a weapon, seeing humanity as incapable of using such power responsibly or used to properly guide them and thus must be destroyed by any means.

The organization consists of similarly minded individuals as Rizumu's followers, using red CROWDS to wreak havoc, protest, and discredit or attempt to kill the users of the Crowds, including a failed attempted assassination of Prime Minister Sugayama .

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